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    Field Hockey Sticks Specs

    Field Hockey Sticks Technology Learn How the are made

    Does the field hockey stick all look the same? Yes, they do look the same apart from colors branding stickers, and sizes. However, there are lots of differences when you examine them in detail with microscopic vision. The devil is in the details, distinct brands create stick molds based on their research. A mold is used to cast a hockey stick to have a distinct shape to enhance the performance of the stick for diverse types of players in field hockey.

    We have done a lot of research to understand the architecture of sticks produced by Malik hockey. We have interviewed the stick maker to understand what goes on behind the scenes to produce optimum-level field hockey sticks. Since we are selling the Malik Hockey brand most of our research revolves around the technology Malik is using to produce world-class sticks. Malik is well-known. an established and respected brand for hockey and produces thousands of sticks every month to cater to the demand of field hockey players around the world.

    Hockey sticks manufactured by Malik fall in two types of molds, MC(Multi Curve) & DC(Dribble Curve). When you purchase a brand-new field hockey stick from our store or website you will find that each high-end stick comes with a label where you will find the key properties and attributes related to the particular stick you bought from us. Kindly note that this label is present on high-end Carbon Tech composite sticks only. The wooden hockey sticks come without this label.
    The picture below shows you an example of the label affixed on top of the packaging. This gives you complete transparency on what you have bought which most brands do not disclose.

     Field Hockey Sticks Specification Label

     Dribble Curve (DC) Field Hockey Sticks

    The dribble curve sticks are lighter when compared to multi-curve sticks they come with a toe shape called Midi, which is mostly preferred by midfielders as they have stronger striking power and can send the ball rolling to longer distances. Below are the specifications of dribble curve sticks.
    1. Toe Shape: Midi Shape
    2. Toe Thickness: 10mm approximate
    3. Head Thickness: 25mm approximate
    4. Length from mid of head to the mid of toe: 80mm**

    Dribble Curve DC
    5. Shaft Width: 47 mm
    6. Curve or Bow Type: Low Bow
    7. Curve or Bow height: 24 mm low bow
    8. Curve or Bow position: 270 mm from the hook.
    9. Handle diameter: 25 mm without grip
    10. Weight: Printed on label
    11. Balance Point: Printed on the label

    Multi Curve (MC) Field Hockey Sticks

    The specs for multi-curve field hockey sticks are listed below. The main difference is that MC curve sticks have a slightly bigger head as compared to DC curve sticks. They have a bigger sweet spot as the hook is slightly bigger with a larger hitting zone. The proportionally distributed weight of this kind of stick is a little heavier than the Dribble curve sticks.

    1. Toe Shape: Maxi Shape
    2. Toe Thickness: 10mm approximate
    3. Head Thickness: 23mm approximate
    4. Length from mid of head to the mid of toe: 90mm**

    Multi Curve MC
    5. Shaft Width: 49mm
    6. Curve or Bow Type: Extreme low bow
    7. Curve or Bow height: 24.5 mm
    8. Curve or Bow position: 210mm from the hook
    9. Handle diameter: 25mm without grip
    10. Weight: Printed on label
    11. Balance Point: Printed on the label


    Field Hockey Sticks Made of Wood     Field Hockey Sticks Made of Wood     


    Wooden Field Hockey Sticks

    Wooden hockey sticks have been used traditionally since the inception of the sport, they have been replaced by composite hockey sticks in the modern game. The wooden sticks still provide the best feel for the ball and are great for players starting with hockey and interested in improving their skills. Several players with higher skill levels have at least one wooden stick for practice and refining their playing abilities. Each brand has its specifications for manufacturing wooden field hockey sticks, you can see the technical details below related to the specifics of wooden hockey sticks sold on our website and store. The wood used to produce these sticks is Mulberry (dense solid wood) on shafts and Bakain (from native trees found in Pakistan) on blades and handles. Our wooden sticks come with the following attributes.

    J-Turn and Mega Bow
    6 Ply Mulberry wood blade shaft
    5 Ply Bakain wood blade handle
    10/10 Glass Roving on both sides
    Applied Glass Sleeve with polyester tape on the hockey from shaft to the handle end as wrapped around
    Glass Mate on the face
    Kevlar on toe
    The whole face is covered with a glass Sleeve with a chemical process

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