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    Learn & Select - Hockey Sticks

    We have created this informative content related to field hockey sticks on our website for visitors to help them make an informed decision for selecting the best possible field hockey stick for play. Whether you choose to purchase from us or from any other retailer, we hope you will find the information useful when making your buying decision.

    Selecting the Best Possible Field Hockey Stick for Play

    Hockey Sticks come in varied sizes, weights, and different shapes, some sticks are straight and others have a bow. Defenders prefer a heavier stick as they are better for tackling, stopping, and hitting the ball for longer distances. The reason why some sticks are bowed is that these kinds of sticks provide drag flickers added power to deliver the ball into the goal by maximizing the chances to score the goal.
    Attacking forward players prefer to play with lighter sticks as they give more control while dribbling, mid-fielders can select play with either heavier or lighter sticks based on the preference of each individual player.


    Understanding Key Factors

    These are multiple factors that should be considered when purchasing the right hockey stick for your style of play.

    • Size of the hockey stick
    • Balance Point & Weight
    • Composition of materials used which make up the stick
    • The actual feel of the hockey
    • The bow, curve & hook style

    Please check our field hockey size chart to see which size is right for you. In addition to the size chart, you can also measure the length from your hip to toe for adults to give you a better indication of the length of stick you should select for your height. If the stick is shorter than recommended size then it will make your body bend more than required, which may put more pressure on your waistline and also will reduce your reach.

    For children of young age, the size can be measured from belly button to toe this will give you an appropriate indication of how long the stick should be for the young kids.

    The Balance Point in Hockey Sticks

    The balance point on hockey sticks can make a stick feel lighter or heavier regardless of its weight, if you take your hockey stick and try to balance it by it lying horizontally on your finger, you can easily determine the balance point of the stick. The idea is to find the point on the sticks where two sides of the stick (left & right) align horizontally on the tip of your finger.
    The higher the balance point from the bottom on the sticks (hook) the lighter stick will feel while dribbling and maneuvering while playing field hockey. It is the other way around if the balance point is closer to the head of the stick, the feel of the stick will be heavier as proportionally most of the weight is condensed near the bottom of the stick.
    Remember if you change the grip or make your grip thicker it will change the balance point as more weight will get on top of the stick if the new grip is heavier than the old one. The reverse will be true if you replace a heavier grip with a lighter grip on the handle. 

    Materials Used in Construction Process of Sticks

    Originally hockey sticks were made from wood but have evolved over the years. modern hockey sticks are also known as composite sticks are made from a mixture of fibers containing Carbon, Kevlar & Fiberglass.

    Premium composite hockey sticks mostly used by pro's these days are mostly made with a high concentration of Carbon in them, most of the top of the line sticks have 85 to 90 percent Carbon with a mixture of Kevlar (Aramid) & fiberglass fibers. Highly concentrated Carbon sticks like Gaucho, Platinum, Azul, Naranja, Fresh & Heat are stiff and best suited for highly skilled players packed with stronger punch & hitting power, however the stiffer sticks with all the power have a higher rebound characteristic, you must be skilled to understand when you stop the ball with this kind of sticks the ball will deflect further. Touch balance and feel are different in these kinds of sticks when compared to wooden or less carbon composite hockey sticks. Learning to control the ball, dribbling, passing, and drag flicking with these sticks will help in elevating your field hockey skills.

    Here is a brief description of technical terms used in the description of our offered hockey stick products.

    Carbon Fiber
    Carbon fibers used in the production of field hockey sticks provide high stiffness, reduction of weight with high tolerance to temperatures, and heat-induced expansion.

    Kevlar Aramid Fiber
    Aramid is another widely used fiber and when mixed with Carbon or Fiberglass provides extra strength and heat resistance properties to the modern field hockey sticks and is widely used in the production of other commercial products.

    Fiber Glass
    It is made from distinct types of glass fibers, it is strong lightweight but not as strong as composites such as Carbon or Aramid (Kevlar). It is used for producing several consumer goods including field hockey sticks. The high-end hockey sticks use a smaller amount of Fiberglass as opposed to other composites such as Carbon or Kevlar.


    Why You Should Buy & Own Your Field hockey Stick from Us 

    For our initial launch, we have selected Malik Hockey as we already have a long relationship with them and our level of Trust is at its peak with them. They manufacture high-class hockey and cricket products in the world, have a great reputation in both field hockey and cricket equipment range. We are an authorized retailer of their field hockey and cricket products in the United States.
    For each high-end composite stick, we ship from you will find the Malik hockey label which lets you know the composition of the stick about the materials used to construct the stick, along with information on the type of hook & curve. The weight of each carbon tech stick is also printed on the label. Below are the example pictures of the hooks with printed labels and had written weight.

    Field Hockey Sticks Details Label 1 NaranjaField Hockey Sticks Details Label 2 AzulFresh Field Hockey Sticks Details Label 3Heat Field Hockey Sticks Details Label 4

    Malik hockey sticks are used all over the world by famous players and are visible at grand international tournaments such as Hockey World Cup, Champions Trophy, and Olympics. We are quite excited to carry this brand and very happy to ship perfect orders to the lovers of the game in the USA

    View our collection of several variations of field hockey sticks in all different sizes.