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    Guyana and Jamaica Qualify for the 2018 CAC Games

    Sunday, November 12, 2017

    Guyana and Jamaica in both the Men's and Women's competition at the Central America and Caribbean Games Qualifiers in Kingston Jamaica have qualified for the CAC Games in 2018 to be held in Barrinquilla Columbia. On the last day of Pool play before the finals the results were-


    Women's Competition

    Guyana def Guatemala 3-0

    Puerto Rico def Panama 11-0

    Jamaica def Bermuda 1-0

    Men's Competition

    Guatemala def by Puerto Rico 1-3

    Guyana def by Jamaica 2-3


    So with that the finals that will be played are as follows-

    Women's Competition

    5th/6th Playoff: Guatemala v Panama

    3rd/4th Playoff: Puerto Rico v Bermuda

    1st/2nd Playoff: Guyana v Jamaica

    Men's Competition

    5th Place: Panama

    3rd/4th Playoff: Guatemala v Puerto Rico

    1st/2nd Playoff: Guyana v Jamaica


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