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    Power Curves™

    Power Curves Super Charging Field Hockey

    Power Curves™ is new field hockey sticks brand created by Best Soccer Buys Sporting Goods, Inc. (our parent company). These sticks have been designed with you the modern hockey player in mind, and include all the latest hockey stick technology. There have been lot of hard work done to create the first range of Power Curves™ hockey sticks. The brand was developed and architected in USA with efforts from R & D team along with players and coaches.

    We guranttee our Power Curves™ hockey sticks and have 100% confidence that these sticks will become your favorites once you own one.

    So why not give Power Curves™ a try, and take your game to the next level.

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    Field Hockey Stick Black Stallion Composite Carbon 100% Low Bow Maxi Power Curves™

    The Black Stallion Power Curves™ is top of the range stick made of 100% Carbon, stick has immense power due to its extreme stiffness and comes in medium weight. Recommended for Pro's with highest level of skill in handling super stiff sticks. Good looks & super awesome performance. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Available Sizes: 36.5 & 37.5 Inches

    Field Hockey Stick Composite Wonder Stick Junior 10% Carbon 90% Fiber Class - Power Curves

    Junior Field Hockey Stick available in sizes 35 & 32 inches length. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Great sticks for young kids learning to play field hockey. The sticks come in beautiful red, blue, black & gold unisex design suitable for both boys and girls. Light weight composite stick with black Power Curves grip. Available Sizes: 32" & 35"

    Field Hockey Stick Orange Coral 85% Composite Carbon 15% Fiber Glass Medium Bow M-Bow - Power Curves

    Shimmering Orange Coral stick light to medium weight with grain feel touch on the hook. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Great ball control with medium bow best for mid fielders. Stick is loaded with tons of features for modern day field hockey players. High carbon 85% to 15% fiber glass ratio. Stylish high performance stick. Available Sizes: 35", 36.5" & 37.5"

    Field Hockey Stick Red Curve 90% Composite Carbon 10% Fiber Glass Extreme Low Bow 36.5 & 37.5 Inch- Power Curves

    The Power Curves Red Curve is elegant light weight stick made of 90% carbon with 10% fiber glass. This is a stick that will help you take your game to a higher level. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase It has a very striking look with its Red Buff Grip and jet black design with bright red sticker. Super stick with great features, magnificent feel and precise control. Available Sizes: 36.5" & 37.5"

    Field Hockey Stick White Snow 80% Composite Carbon 20% Fiber Glass Late Groove Box - Power Curves

    Beautiful Power Curves White Snow stick is made in a low bow with groove mold. Ideal for drag flickers with optimum roll of the ball on stick. It has a very striking pure white as snow look about it. Unique stick with black Eva foam grip specially made for this kind of stick. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Available Sizes: 36.5" &37.5"

    Field Hockey Stick Wonder Senior 40% Composite Carbon 60% Fiber Glass Continuous Bow - Power Curves

    Senior model of Wonder Stick with ,b>40% carbon and 60% fiber glass construction. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Light weight with continuous bow from head to toe. Reinforced back hand with fibers for strength and power. Elegant looking stick comes packed with power punch while striking the ball. Our signature colorful composite stick. Available Sizes: 36.5" & 37.5"

    Indoor Carbon Pro Field Hockey Stick Prestige 60% Composite Carbon 40% Fiber Glass Medium Indoor Bow - Power Curves

    Indoor Stick with 60% Carbon and 40% Fiber Glass construction. The stick is constructed with Medium Bow for indoor play. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase The stick sports a thin reinforced hook with grain feel finish for best control and feel for the hockey ball. It is our top of the range indoor stick which can help enhance your skills and take your game to higher level. Stick is installed with high quality gel grip for optimum stick control. Available Sizes: 35", 36.5" & 37.5"

    Indoor Field Hockey Stick Composite Purple Patch 20% Carbon 80% Fiber Glass Indoor Stick

    The Purple Patch is one of our new signature range of Indoor hockey sticks by Power Curves. Its a good solid stick for the player wanting good control, It has a indoor medium bow and comes with a purple look that will have your standing out on the indoor court. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Available Sizes: 35", 36.5" & 37.5"