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    Spotlight on the Women's World Cup: Part3

    Monday, June 11, 2018

    This weeks spotlight on the Women's World Cup, we look at Pool C which includes one of Europe's powerhouses in Germany and the very strong Argentina. The teams in Pool C at this years Women's World Cup in London are-

    - Argentina

    - Germany

    - South Africa

    - Spain

    Looking closely at Pool C its a group that pretty much should go as planned with Argentina and Germany moving onto the knock-out stages, but every World Cup produces a shock, and in Pool C the team most likely could well be Spain. Lets look at the teams more in depth-

    - Argentina are the class in this group having won at both World Cup and Olympic level consistantly since the 2002 World Cup. Its hard to see how Argentina wont top the group and go onto the knockout phase and deep into the business end of this World Cup.

    - Germany if all goes to plan should be the team that finishes second in this group, but the Germany of late has not been the all powerful Germany of the past. The key game for them will be against Spain as long as they take care of business here they should go onto to the knockout phase. 

    - Spain are perhaps the real curve ball in this group, they are the team most likely to upset the expected out come, mind you the Spain of today is a long way from the Spain that won Olympic Gold way back in 1992, so even if they were to cause and upset and get out of the group its hard to see how they go much further in the knockout stages.

    - South Africa are difficult because you never know who will turn up, will it be the tough hard South Africa or will it be the meek and mild South Africa, if its the later forget it they wont go far, if its the former well who knows. The real issue for South Africa is they are pretty much a predictable team at International level, they have one way of playing and every one counters that without allot of trouble.

    My final prediction for the result in Pool C is-

    1. Argentina

    2. Germany

    3. Spain

    4. South Africa


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