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    What makes a good hockey player?

    What makes a good hockey player?

    As a coach I am often asked this question-

    What makes a good hockey player?

    Well I believe that there are three attribute's that make up a good hockey player, these are-

    1. Game Awareness/Hockey Brain

    Every single hockey player must have this there long before they start playing the game, because game awareness or what we call the hockey brain can't actually be taught, as a player they need to have even some basic understanding of what is happening in the game and what they have to do at particular times during the game. As a coach I strongly believe that above all other this attribute is the most important one.

    2. Passion & Desire

    Every single hockey player must have a passion and desire for the game, they must enjoy playing the game and the game must be in there heart. This will help them to overcome even the most difficult obstacles as they move through there hockey career from juniors to seniors and masters. Again this is not something that can be taught it must be there from the start.

    3. Hockey Skills

    This is the third attribute required, but its the least important attribute in many ways because it can be taught, but it also need to first two in order for this to shine in a player. Now what I mean by that is that a player can have all the hockey skills in the world, but if they lack passion or lack understanding and ability to read the game in front of them, there good skills count for nothing, because they will never be in a position in the game to use the good skills they have.


    So at the end of the day when I am selecting players for team, or identifying talent these are the things I look for and the order which I look for them. If I see a player with the first two but lacking the third, then often I will try to include them in teams or programs I am involved with, why because you can give them the skills they need to play well.



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